About Me

Why working with me?

I am an authentic & experienced Yoga Instructor (RSY 500h certified), having learned and trained at the Source of Yoga - India.

I have been teaching for over 7 years now, guiding people around the world as young as 3 and as wise as 83. I give my best to honour Yoga´s true spirit and purpose, in combination with a modern, open-minded and holistic approach when appropriate.

Having learned in Thailand, I am also a passionate Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, and Energy Worker (Reiki Level III & Chakra Balancing). It is a real honour for me to work on the body and soul in such a sacred, efficient, mutually-connecting and medidative way ("Nuad" = healing touch in Thai).

I further trained as a Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach in London, using the tools of psychology and spirituality to help people transform and find uplift and harmony between the spiritual and material world.

As I like people to have the opportunity to experience India, I have also become Head of Social Media Marketing for the luxury travel company Bespoke India Travel & Bespoke Sri Lanka Travel as a regular freelancer.

My creative playful side tries to express as a passionate Musician & Composer, Traveler, Writer and Inspirer. And - to the best I can - I try to be a vegan/vegetarien, eco-responsible consumer, and an experiential farmer and permaculture creator at our farm, for more self-sustainability, respect for our planet and sharing with the local community.


Originally from Austria, I can work with you fluently in English, German and French
 (having lived in France for over 8 years). I also speak basic Spanish.


I do know both the corporate and the health & healing world, understanding its needs and requirements from inside, as I used to work in the business world before, for example as an International Marketing Manager in France.

Meanwhile, I have been to over 40 countries I think!
I had taken the courage to change and quit everything - and travel, observe, live and collect valuable experiences and teachings around the world for many years, so I can share them with you and help you in the best possible way!

My passion in my work is to help create positive change in the individual, our companies and systems, and for our mother Earth... Bringing about Optimum Health & Evolution while fully living the lives that we are meant to live!

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you!

Places and Partners I have worked with:

The Haven Centre & School of Yoga, Southwold, UK

Trainings / Ausbildungen:

2020 Gravity Yoga Teacher Training 25h (online) with The Yoga Teacher´s College
Targeted Flexibility Training, Anatomy, Breathing Techniques

2018 Thai Yoga Massage & Tok Sen Massage at the Wat Pan Whaen Temple,
with Joe Khunlee (Learning Centre of Traditional Thai Massage), Chiang Mai (Thailand) 

2018 Yoga Teacher Training 500-hour Certificate (Applied Yoga for specific health issues and target groups) with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre, Goa (India)
Research topic: Balancing responsibility on the Manager's Shoulders / Business Yoga

2016 Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

 with Middlesex University and Psychosynthesis Leadership Limited, London (UK)

2014, 16 +17 Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Trainings with the Sunshine Network School (Itzhak Helman / Pau Castellsagué / Chatchai Jamu), 2 x 90h in Lahu Village (Thailand) +
1 x 90h in Vienna (Austria)

2014 Reiki Level III with Swami Yogeshwara Anand Puri, Hampi (India)

2013 Chakra Healing Course with Viriaum Kaur/ Organic Karma Massage / Kundalini Yoga Centre, Goa (India)

2013 Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Certificate (Ashtanga/Hatha, Pranayama,
Meditation, Chanting, Ayurveda…
) with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre, Goa (India)

2010 MASTER (Bac+5) in Marketing & Business Management (work-related studies)

ESG Ecoles de Commerce, Aix-en-Provence (France)