My Services

We are all unique - some like to move, some like to talk, some like to relax, some like all of it. But we all want one thing - to feel good.

I offer a range of different services in order to suit your physical state or issues, your personality and life style, your specific goals or the precise needs of your company.

Bespoke Yoga Classes

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I let you work on yourself: Experience real Yoga classes that integrate the original spirit and purpose of yoga which is one of therapy, healing, personal development and meditation to master the fluctuations of the mind and find your optimum state. We use the combination of body, breath and focus to find stillness, strength and evolution. Learn physical postures, various breathing and meditation techniques, ethical guidelines and energy improvement and mindfulness exercises that will enhance all areas of your body and life.

Classes & Courses for different activity, mobility & age levels:

  • Desk workers & sitting activites: Energetic Ashtanga/Hatha-inspired classes
  • Very active, physical or mentally challenging activities: Softer Yin & Restorative Yoga Classes
  • Limited mobility & seniors: Chair Yoga Classes
  • Specific health issues: Therapeutically adapted classes
  • Other examples: Yoga for Teenagers, Yoga for Empaths, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Yoga for Backpain, and many more

Prices on request depending on duration and number of participants. Just get in touch and try - You will only feel better!

Thai Yoga Massage Treatments

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Let me do the work: Receive a passive yoga workout or a Nuad "Ancient Healing Touch", fully replenishing your body and mind. Originally practiced by Buddhist monks, Thai Yoga Massage is a unique holistic treatment addressing the whole body and its network of energies as a whole. The treatment consists of rhythmic acupressure massage, gentle passive yoga stretches and relaxation on a soft floor mat, combined into a profound and nourishing healing system.

Why it is amazing for you and your company

  • reduces stress and tension and calms the nervous system
  • improves flexibility, back problems, spine health, joints
  • enhances blood circulation, digestion, sleep, immune system
  • increases mood, energy levels, productivity, overall well-being 
  • works on the emotional and sub-conscious layers
  • and: you don't have to do anything!

Enjoy the long-lasting effects of this beautiful meditative treatment at your company or at your place of choice.
Taster 1h = 60 €, Full 90min = 80 €
Get in touch and give it a try - no one has ever regretted it!

Psychosynthesis Coaching & Leadership

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Let's talk it through: Finally understand and transcend those "things" that upset you or keep you from being who and how you want to be, through a personal, flexible and holistic dialogue that uses a new "psycho-spiritual" and future-oriented approach. Whether you are an executive, a new entrepreneur, a mother or a caretaker, we all need to lead and take decisions, in a try to be the best version of ourselves. I'll offer you adapted guidance and specific exercises with the tools of Psychosynthesis, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Chakras, EFT, affirmations, sound, etc. so you can find your optimum again.

Why it is so relieving to talk to a good coach:

  • you finally feel heard and understood
  • you transform blocking mindsets and that frees up energy
  • you live more of your potentials and capacities
  • you become more conscious of your thoughts and actions
  • you understand yourself and others better
  • you improve the relationships with your co-workers, clients,  close-ones and with yourself
  • you learn to trust and lead from your higher self

Get in touch to schedule your coaching sessions, either at your place of choice, at your company or simply ONLINE!

* One-off Online Guidance Session (ca. 80min): 65 €
* Full guidance (including physical and spiritual exercise plans, support, follow ups, body type analysis and more):
3 Sessions 175 €, 5 Sessions 265 €

Bespoke Health & Wellness Programmes

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Let's go for it: Improve the physical and mental health of your employees, students and your organisation through tailor-made programmes, workshops or seminaries specifically adapted to your organisation and business. After analysing the needs and areas of improvement in your organisation, I will define and help you implement adapted health plans and solutions, in your own rhythm and pace and just exactly to the extent what is possible in your organisation. I do recommend a shared-cost scheme for all activities, meaning employers and employees share the cost for the organisational health efforts.

What you can easily implement in your company

  • yoga classes and courses on site or ONLINE !
  • morning meditation & warm up routines
  • health days, health weeks, silent days, mindfulness days
  • workshops, seminaires or corporate retreats with specific themes or simply as a corporate incentive for happy employees
  • group coaching, lectures and cycles on leadership styles, yoga ethics, interpersonal relationships, energy management...

Prices and programmes on request, tailor-made to your organisation.

Easily ONLINE: Get in touch and book me for an online class at your company!

Why Yoga for you and in your organisation?

  • Improved health, healing & well-being
  • Improved resilience and stress management
  • Improved ability for relaxation & faster recuperation
  • Lower sick leave rates and days of absence
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Improved flexibility, stronger spine, better posture, better weight management
  • More awareness, mental clarity, creativity and intelligence
  • More joy, connection and improved relationships and team work
  • Happier employees, managers and more conscious collaboration
  • More purpose, fulfillment and financial health

Your employees and co-workers will love you for it!

Now even easier all ONLINE!